Ilana Featured in Boca Life Magazine, Fort Lauderdale Daily

Ilana Speaks at the 2018 Dysautonomina International Conference on "Being Chronically Capable: Managing Your Career with Dysautonomia"

Ilana Speaks at the 2018 Kleine-Levin Syndrome Conference on "Surviving Relationships with Chronic Illness"

Surviving and Thriving with Chronic Illness coming in 2018 by New Harbinger Publications.

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      YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIVE IN CHRONIC CHAOS BECAUSE OF YOUR CHRONIC ILLNESS Do you live with a chronic, often debilitating, or invisible condition? If so, you may feel isolated, out of step, judged, lonely, or misunderstood—and that’s on top of dealing with the symptoms of your actual illness. Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia diabetes, irritable bowel disease (IBS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Lyme disease, migraines, dysautonomia, or any disease that requires continuous management, you should know that there are practical strategies you can use to take charge of your life. In this smart and savvy guide, popular blogger Ilana Jacqueline offers peer-to-peer support, a little dose of humor, and insider tips for navigating life with a chronic illness or disability. You’ll find everything you need to know—from how to balance sex, dating, and relationships, to handling work or school with unavoidable absences. You’ll also learn how to deal with judgmental or skeptical relatives and strangers, become your own advocate, and manage your health care. Having a chronic condition doesn’t mean you can’t live an active, engaged life. This book will show you how.

“An important antidote to the dogmatic ‘kale and vitamins’ tone of most ‘self- help’ literature.”

Ilana Jacqueline is author of the award-winning blog, Let’s Feel Better. She started the blog at age 22 to share her humbling, hilarious, and heartfelt experiences coping with chronic illness. From full contact fights with skull-cramping migraines to making peace with being a human pincushion, she writes boldly and unabashedly about breaking down, getting back up, and pulling off the bandage that is “coming out” about the shame and frustration of living with chronic illness. Jacqueline is a health journalist and professional patient advocate whose work has included writing for publications like Cosmopolitan and The Huffington Post on the patient experience as well as working for healthcare companies and patient advocacy groups as a consultant and advisor.  She has a personal connection with the patient community, as she has been a patient with complex chronic illnesses throughout her life including immune deficiency, dysautonomia, gastroparesis and an adhesion disorder. As a health advocate and regularly interviewed expert on chronic illness, Jacqueline looks to help patients advocate for themselves at their most vulnerable moments. She is currently working on multiple projects to help connect chronically ill patients with remote employment opportunities, financial and emotional support as well as creating new programs for patient empowerment and awareness efforts. Jacqueline lives with her biochemist husband and literally the cutest apricot poodle you’ve ever seen in Boca Raton, FL. “An intimate, humorous, and defiantly real guide to living with chronic illness. Jacqueline ushers the reader with intimate and humorous examples drawn from her everyday life—from passing out in parking lots, to the practicalities of dating and managing relationships to the pain and frustration of relapse and pill diets while reminding the reader at every turn: Never let your illness define you. An important antidote to the dogmatic ‘kale and vitamins’ tone of most ‘self- help’ literature.” —Alexa Tsoulis-Reay, senior writer, New York magazine


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